TourProExperience is LIVE


So let me tell you what TourProExperience is, maybe you have guessed already?

TourProExperience is a network that makes it easy for you to organise a game with a TourPro.  This is possibly not something you previously considered, but think about it, how cool would it be to play golf, perhaps during an annual golf trip with a local Tour Pro.

There are lots of Tour Pros out there and a lot of them are available tomorrow!Mathias Gronberg a multiple European Tour Winner, is of course available as are a vast number of pros.

You simply let us know, where, when and how much and let us do the leg work Organising a golf day?  Golf holiday?  Special event?

Many special products and services will be made available via TourProExperience

Check it out and do no forget to bookmark the page for future use!


Walk a mile in their shoes!


Many blogs start off at 1000 miles an hour with numerous posts, not this one!

Quality not quantity is the mantra here, there are many things that could be announced, but the mundane stuff will not be getting written about, you can expect on this blog only going to be big announcements and possibly articles by Tour Pros.

Do not expect numerous updates, you want those then see Entrepreneur 365 which is a blow by blow account of me going from poor to profit.  The difference i the book is written in real time, so old memories of struggles are not recalled, they are transmitted live to the book day by day.

Golf Code Weekly is a network for you to win free golf, you should check that out with Tour Pro Experience being a network to connect golfers to games with Tour Pros.

Other stuff i will elaborate later and oh yes

when Entrepreneur 365  becomes available via Amazon a link will be placed here